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Dermatographia’s Comments Policy

Policy is subject to regular and unscheduled updating.  We’ll try to give everyone a heads-up on the blog when the policy changes, but we make no promises.  It’s your job to check the policy to make sure you’re keeping up with it.  If you’re not sure your comment violates the policy, check the policy!  

Occasionally, we may put up links on this page to other blog posts and/or pages.  The content at these links is to be considered part of the commenting policy, and it is your responsibility to read it along with whatever is on this page.  If you don’t read it and end up violating it as a result, you may get deleted and/or permabanned (see below).

Comments that violate the comment policy will be deleted.  Repeated attempts to violate the comment policy and/or harass the blog staff into reinstating any deleted comment will result in a permaban.  Do not take a commenting dispute to any blogger’s or commenter’s personal email, Twitter, or other blog or social networking site unless they give you explicit permission to do so.  That’s not only a violation of the comments policy here, it’s also a crappy thing to do.


1.  We are a relaxed and groovy books-and-social-justice-issues blog.  We talk books, cats, social issues, and anything related to those things, which is a lot of things.

2.  Avoid profanity.  Swear words in direct quotations from another source are generally okay, but feel free to bleep them or substitute non-profanity in brackets.  Occasionally, a swear word is useful for making a particular point, and that’s okay too. But gratuitous swearing is not okay.

3.  No personal attacks.  Swearing directly at the bloggers or other commenters is never okay.  Using swear words as insults is never okay.  Resorting to attacking any blogger or commenter directly will result in an instant permaban, no repeat behaviors necessary.  Remember, if you’re attacking other people instead of their arguments or positions, you have LOST – both the argument itself and your commenting privileges here.

4.  No marginalizing or oppressive language.  This blog often focuses on the oppressive use of language, characters, and plots, and the way that marginalizations intersect in our literature to oppress some social groups and benefit others.  This makes maintaining “safe space” on this blog a key consideration.  Every blogger and commenter has the responsibility to avoid making this space less safe for any other blogger, reader, or commenter, and to learn from and correct any comments or posts that make this space less safe for others.

Racial slurs are not okay.  Sexist slurs are not okay.  Sizeist slurs are not okay.  Classist slurs are not okay.  Ableist slurs are not okay.  Gender-related slurs are not okay.  Many other types of slurs are not okay.

Because we live in a society that freely allows the use of many of these types of slurs, and which often doesn’t seem to provide easy linguistic alternatives, we won’t always delete or ban on the first “offense,” if it appears to be a mistake made in good faith or due to simple thoughtlessness.  However, each commenter has a responsibility to accept correction regarding marginalizing or oppressive language and to strive to word things in the future in ways that do not oppress or marginalize other commenters or readers.  If you keep using a marginalizing word or phrase after being asked to stop, you will be deleted and/or banned.  If you demand your “right” to keep using a word or phrase in a marginalizing way even after you’ve been asked to stop, you will be deleted and/or banned, and your protests may be posted to the blog directly to be torn apart by other readers.

If one of the bloggers slips up here (and it does happen, because we are human too – well, or cats), please let us know either in comments or by tweeting @danialexis or @bookcatgracie.

5.  Complaints that this commenting policy or its enforcement violates your First Amendment rights will get you laughed at.  Half of our staff has a law degree and actually practiced First Amendment law.  Complaints will get a laugh; repeated complaints will get you laughed at and mocked in your very own post.

If you are concerned about your freedom to say whatever you want without contradiction, we encourage you to start your own blog.  One of the coolest things about the Internet is that there is truly room for everyone on it, and opening your very own “room” on it is completely free!  You are completely free to poo on your own Internet carpet; you are not free to poo on ours.

6.  Further Reading 


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