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Verity Reynolds is the author of NANTAIS, an autistic space opera that never uses the word "autism." Buy her a coffee:

Sci Fi, Satire, and More: Join My Patreon

In 2009, I started writing marketing copy for a living.  It pays the bills, but it’s not all that exciting to write, and it certainly doesn’t captivate, inspire, or entertain the way my decades of non-paid fiction, satire, and short … Continue reading

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We’ve Merged!

Dermatographia’s intersectionally feministy lit crit can now be found at its author’s blog,  Also at the new address: book reviews, cats.

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GONE GIRL and Modern Madness

[Contains spoilers for Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, a book I’d rather not spoil for anyone. Seriously, go read it.  I promise you will not see it coming.] During undergrad, I took a Short Fiction course from a professor who insisted that all … Continue reading

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“To Live as Christ Came to Teach Us I Think Is a Good Start”

At some point before her death in 1994, my great-grandmother filled out a “memory book” for the family.  It was pre-printed for this purpose and contained places for her to reminisce about her family, her marriage, her childhood, and so … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving With William Bradford

In honor of Thanksgiving, here’s what my great-great-great-great-great (? I think I counted that right) grandfather William Bradford, governor of Plymouth Plantation and general all-round stand-up Pilgrim dude, had to say about the first such shindig: They began now to … Continue reading

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Things I’ve Learned About Being Married, Month Three: Husbands and Cooking

It’s now been three months and two days since The Husband (!) and I got married, and for most of that, I thought nothing would weird people out more than the idea that I kept my own last name. That, … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer, the NFL, and Pink Cleats: Is This a Good Thing?

  I’m watching the Colts/Packers game, and I can’t stop staring at all the pink on the field.  Pink shoes.  Pink gloves.  Pink side-towel-hand-warmer things and wristlets and whistles.   Pink codpieces patches on the pants drawing the eye to the … Continue reading

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