I’m No Longer on Facebook and I Like It

A few weeks ago, I decided to try not reading my Facebook feed anymore.  I deleted the FB link from my Chrome links bar and haven’t been on Facebook since.  I do still “update” occasionally by posting links to my various blogs on Facebook when I write new posts, but I don’t read the comments on those Facebook updates.  Nor do I have any e-mail notifications for Facebook activated.

So basically, if it happens on Facebook, I ain’t seeing it.

I tried this primarily to see if it would free up some work time for more productive things, and because my Facebook feed has become increasingly spaminated over the past few months.  Not by actual spam, mind you; just by posts about which I simply don’t give a crap.  I’m not going to tell my FB cohort what they can and cannot post on their own Facebook feeds, especially for no other reason than “my personal comfort.”  But I don’t have to lose valuable work time scrolling through it all, either.

Also, there’s some truth to the statement that’s been floating around Twitter lately: “Thanks to Twitter, I love people I’ve never met.  Thanks to Facebook, I hate people I’ve known my whole life.”  While there are a few folks on my Facebook feed I love, on the whole I’m much happier when I’m only reading Twitter.

The end result of this test?  I’m still not checking my Facebook.  I’m keeping my account, because I don’t need to make it ALL THE EASY for others to impersonate me on Facebook and because it is a useful place to deposit links to this blog and The Book Cricket (my irreverent book review blog! you are totally reading it, right?) for the benefit of people – mostly family members – who don’t otherwise read my blogs or Twitter feed (for shame!).  But I’m not reading it anymore.

So far, the benefits of getting off Facebook have massively outweighed the costs.  Mostly I spend that extra time on Twitter, where I’m doing much better with the professional networking than I ever would have on Facebook.  I spend much less time perseverating on instances of someone is WRONG on the INTERNET.  And, yes, I do get more done.

The costs?  ….I’ll get back to you on that.


About Verity Reynolds

Verity Reynolds is the author of NANTAIS, an autistic space opera that never uses the word "autism." Buy her a coffee: ko-fi.com/verityreynolds
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One Response to I’m No Longer on Facebook and I Like It

  1. Cassie says:

    I gave up facebook not this past February, but the one before and I don’t regret it a second. The one thing I regret is not being able to keep up as easy with my long distance family. Solution: write more letters. Glad to see it’s working with you as well so far. : )

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